Saturday, August 9, 2014

Make a Quick and Easy Baby Head Support with a Sock

When my daughter and son-in-law left the hospital with their first baby, they settled him into a high tech car seat to get him home safely. That seat was so big and my new grandson was so small, his little head kept wobbling back and forth. They purchased a head support; but he quickly outgrew it.

As he grew chubbier, his neck still wasn't quite strong enough to support his growing baby weight. Instead of buying a new head support, my daughter had a craftier solution.
"Socks," she told me while I visited one day.

Somewhere between diaper changes, baby laundry and watching hubby take on the challenge of 3:00 a. m. feedings, she realized a sock could be easily transformed into a simple baby head support. She's not crafty like her mom, so she left the how-to up to me.

She was right, a sock head support is easy to make. Even if you've never graduated beyond sixth grade sewing class skills, you'll find it super easy. You need about 15 minutes of your time and a few simple materials to finish the task.

Sock options
Just like my daughter, you've no doubt selected your baby's furnishings with love and care. When you choose a sock to make his head support, you'll want to continue that same caring trend.

A lady's cotton tube sock will work best for this project. Tube socks are long and straight with no curves. Choose one with perky colors, patterns or a tone that goes with your baby's car seat. If you can't find a tube sock in a pattern you adore, use a regular knee sock, the heel curve won't be that noticeable if you position it the right way.

You might even go organic, but a used cotton sock in good condition may be just as good for baby. A used sock that's been washed again and again will be soft and clean and perfect for your head support craft project. It will be a green choice as well because you'll be reusing your old sock instead of pitching it into the trash.

Additional Supplies
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Color coordinated heavy duty thread
  • Fiber fill - Use organic cotton or bamboo fiber fill for a green/sustainable fiber fill option. Organic cotton and bamboo stuffing cost a bit more; but you'll have plenty left over for future projects.
Beginning your baby's head support
  • It's as easy as one, two, three, stuff.
  • Roll most of your sock down and begin filling the toe with stuffing.
  • Unroll the sock some more and add more filling.
  • Keep up the process until you've filled all but the final inch of sock.
  • Use enough stuffing to make your support firm enough to support baby's head, but soft enough to curve like a U.
Finishing your baby's head support:
  • Hand stitch a single row around the top of your stuffed sock.
  • Don't cut the the thread when you're done.
  • Pull the thread gently to gather the sock top into a smaller opening.
  • Gently tuck the edges to the inside.
  • Close the opening with enough stitches to secure it and keep it closed.
Baby's bigger, now what?

Like my little grandson, your newborn will grow so fast you may need a narrower head support in a month or two. You can make another just like this one using less stuffing and a narrower sock. You may also simply cut open the first one, remove some stuffing and smooth the remaining stuffing over the length of the sock. Stitch along one side to make it slimmer, then stitch the end to re-close.

When your baby no longer needs his head support, you can always use it as a mommy neck roll. It will be great for supporting your neck on those late nights while you're rocking your little one back to sleep.

Article was iriginally published on Yahoo Voices