Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crafters are Cool!

Shell Frangia Necklace

And if being cool isn't enough...
Cardboard Box House
Crafters live creative lives in towns across the country and around the globe. We speak in many tongues, but we share the same joyful, creative language.

Crafty hands come in all shapes, colors, and sizes... They are bold and tender, playful and exotic. Some crafter's hands are rough from tool work and wrinkled with age. Others are young and soft with the newness of fresh creativity.

Crafters create
Crafters create beauty everywhere. We amaze even ourselves with crafty art that ranges from simply divine to creatively complicated. And we get to play with tools.

Crafters have fun
We hang out in streets, and fields, and shopping malls, setting up to share our creations at art and craft fairs, while our patrons are sound asleep. We work hard from sunup to sundown, yet we still have fun.

We make creative friends and meet other cool, artsy people online, and at craft fairs. We keep our hands and hearts busy doing what we love to do.

Release your crafty self!
If you're not a crafter, maybe this little blog can help you reach way down inside and release your cool crafty self.

Here's to your crafty self, 
Carol, The Nice Lady